ArogyaUDHC Health Issue ID : 263

( Botanical ) Name of the patient:   ABELMOSCHUS700ESCULENTUS

Solution dated :   Fri, May 24, '13

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In response to this patient's specific query:

"I would be obliged if you could suggest any possible treatment or effective rehab/institutionalized care-facilities which could help her to better coping abilities and train some fundamental daily activities, although she had grown quite big. It need not be a full-time facility, few hours a day or week would also be immensely beneficial for her as well as the rest of the family. Residence is Kolkata, India."

We had a discussion on tabula rasa and there were many suggestions and details of a rehab person in Sanjiban, Kolkata was shared with the patient through one of our active ArogyaUDHC members.