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( Botanical ) Name of the patient:   Kalanchoe736Pinnata

Solution dated :   Thu, May 23, '13

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The available information around this patient suggests a diagnosis of cervical spondylosis related neuropathic pain. It is likely that for most patients with cervical radiculopathy from degenerative disorders signs and symptoms will be self-limited and will resolve spontaneously over a variable length of time without specific treatment.(Reference: North American Spine Society 2010 Work Group Consensus Statement).

However analgesics for chronic pain and regular physiotherapy may act as a steady support. Will need a detailed update on the current status of his pain.

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PS: Rakesh Biswas is morally and legally responsible for this suggestion and ArogyaUDHC team is working under the hypothesis that informational support (such as this) for the patient and local physician is likely to be beneficial toward achieving better health outcomes."