21 year old man with epilepsy/seizure/mirgi

Patient name :   AEGLE462MARMELOS

Patient Particulars - Age - 21 ; Height - 5''; Weight -55 kg;sex- male.

History uploaded by Ms Anamika, PCMS Medicine Research Lab on 16/09/2013

History of Illness - 2003 me 1st time mergi aai.uske baad medicine lena start kiya to mergi ka aana kam ho gaya.mergi jyadatar night me aati hai.or medicine lena bhool jate to mergi fir aane lagti.mergi ke karan hathe - pero me kampan type hone lagta the.(kap - kapi)or body me akdan hone lagti thi.or kabhi kabhi mergi na bhi aaye to bhi hathe - pero me akdan hone lagti thi.

2011 me pero me joint pain hua the. uske baad treatment se joint pain ka dard chala gaya..uske baad augest 2013 me gerne ki karan hathe me chot aai thi sikaai karane par teek ho gaya. kuch dino se left side leg me thaai me (uper side) dard hota hai.chale me thoda hota h means fill hota hai ki per me dard hai. par seedi chadte time, running karte time ya speed se chale time dard bad jata hai. or ye dard sokar uthe ne par jayada hota hai. morning time jayada dard hota hai.pero me jhatka type se lagta hai. iski wajah se kabhi kabhi halka sa fever bhi aa jata hai.or weakness bhi bahut jayada hai.

chest me bhi left side dard hota hai abhi abhi hone laga hai.



Maine 10 days ka doj compelit karne  par mujhe aaram  laga hai.par  medicine ke band hone par  left side ke per ka dard fir shuru ho jata hai,ager me speed se chalta hu to mujhe dard hone lagta hai.or ager me left side ke per ke bal sota hu to mujhe us per me dard hone lagta hai.us per jor dekar utheta bhi to bhi dard hota hai.or 1 k.m. tak chalne me bhi par me dard hone lagta hai. 

Hindi transliteration from http://www.quillpad.in/index.html#.Ujxqij_WTXU

Google Translated from the above Devnagiri script (Manual English translation from this further below):

History of Illness - 1st Street Time Mergi occurred in 2003, when then start taking medicine to come to Mergi reduced . Mergi comes in most nights . Mergi then again begins to forget to take the medicine . Mergi the frontage - In Pro seems to be the type vibration . ( Cup - ape ) seemed to be stiff in the body . frontage and sometimes even if there were not Mergi - in Pro seemed to be stiff .

Pro had been found in 2011 in the joint . After a treatment of joint pain was all gone .. then the frontage of Gerne in 2013 in ?gest to Use a Taek been severed . Left side of Dino in the leg in Thai ( Uper side ) hurts . Would go broke in New Means Phil is a pain in the foot . Cdte time on CD , Runing Time pain after that time or speed is gone . The pain is very much on the side soccer invoked . Morning time hurts very much . Pro ??by typing in the flick . Because sometimes there is even a slight fever . Viknes side is also very much .

Chest pain in the left side is just starting to happen .

Manually translated from the above google translated version:

Ist time seizures/mirgi occurred in 2003. Subsided with medicine. Recurs with missing medicines. Occurs mostly at nights. Mirgi happens with vibrations and stiffness in the body

Recently since august 2013 experiencing pain in the left thigh and leg that increases with walking and further with running. Feels stiff in the morning.

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