A 13 year old girl with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum


I am concerned about my sister's health.

She was diagnosed with agenesis/hypogenesis of corpus callosum, within 6 months of her birth, while she suffered regular episodes of convulsions. In the course of years she had normal physical growth and movements, but no development in speech, social/psychological, and most of the fundamental daily life practices like eat, urinate/defecate by herself.

Her vision is normal but doctors had an impression on her inability to hear, hence proper hearing aids were suggested which was thereafter discontinued due to panic reaction on usage.
Now she is 13 years and everyday its becoming  more difficult to manage with, as she is growing bigger. She also has an elder sibling who is at a crucial stage of her career, so the family is experiencing an added pressure. I would be obliged if you could suggest any possible treatment or effective rehab/institutionalized care-facilities which could help her to better coping abilities and train some fundamental daily activities, although she had grown quite big. It need not be a full-time facility, few hours a day or week would also be immensely beneficial for her as well as the rest of the family. Residence is Kolkata, India.

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